Assisting you with your first passage, a trip to the Mediterranean, the Greek Islands, the Balearic Islands or any worldwide destination, we are the right choice for the task. Call us today and rest assured – with us your yacht or boat is in safe hands!

Our skippering service is for yacht owners who hire a skipper to take control of their yacht / boat delivery, assist in gaining confidence and to help you become more familiar with your yacht. Our highly qualified skippers provide help with a new boat purchase, navigation and general boat handling in a matter of days, anywhere in the world.

We provide Skipper and Crew service to assist yacht owners and their families so they enjoy their trip, while our reliable, qualified, friendly and professional Skipper and Crew Team take care of their vessel.

Every yacht and boat require ongoing maintenance and care to be kept in good condition and ready for use. Our first class qualified crew members will assist you or your skipper. This is highly beneficial if you require someone reliable and experienced on board for a particular trip, for maintenance, guardienage or general crew duties.

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