Why us

Why us? Safe money and time.

Before choosing your skipper make sure you are paying for a full service and not only a competent skipper. A combination of several aspects is essential for a sucessfull delivery


During the delivery we endeavor to take the greatest possible care of your vessel and you can be assured that your vessel will be handled with care and experience in every situation from up close maneuvering in harbours and marinas to heavy weather sailing. We operate on a principle of “minimum impact” on your vessel and will do a full clean down upon arrival at the destination.


Our standard daily rate for delivering a skipper is €200 plus expenses. Our standard daily rate for delivery crew member is €150 plus expenses. On longer voyages or in certain circumstances we are usually willing to negotiate a flat rate for the delivery / assisted passage. We define expenses as travel to and from the vessel and normal daily sustenance.

Why us?

  1. Wer are Professionals
  2. YM Ocean Commercially endorsed
  3. Cheaper than a Yacht Delivery Company
  4. Professional Insurance


"Our skipper and crew were the best! I'm a happy customer... I enjoyed joining them for the last leg. The skipper did a great job with the diesel bug and got the boat there in one piece. He's also a great cook and fine sailing companion."
Stephen oxley
Oceanis 40
"Ricardo Barradas is hard working, organized and motivated. He also leads both his students and his peers on a positive direction and excels as a teacher of young adults"
Motts Mueller
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